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My exposure to a variety of industries over the last decade has given allowed exposed me to a variety of verticals and to all kinds of SEO issues. In addition to fixing technical SEO issues, I can help with SEO strategy to ensure long term organic growth success. If you're looking to bring SEO in-house but need support in growing your team, I can help support your team with job descriptions and interview questions to hire the best SEO professionals for your team. 

seo Audits

SEO Audits uncover issues that can prevent search engine crawlers from finding your website and content and help identify opportunities to optimize a website.

Monthly Retainers

SEO results don't happen overnight. SEO retainers provide the opportunity to set a strong foundation that can result in long-term organic growth for a website.

SEO Consulting

A well planned SEO strategy is a valuable part of an overall marketing plan. Consulting engagements can include strategy, team training or help building the right team.

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