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Asking for help can be scary, especially from peers and imposter syndrome is real. Those are a couple of the reasons why I decided to offer SEO coaching. I don't know everything about SEO but I think I have enough experience (over a decade) to help you, whether you're just starting your career in SEO or you're looking to level up at your current job or finding a new one. I love helping others learn about SEO, especially when that can lead to a better job or landing a dream client/project. 

One Time Session

If you're just looking for a one time session to talk through something your stuck on, this 90 minute session is perfect for you. 

Monthly Coaching

Monthly coaching is perfect if you're looking for on-going support in learning SEO or hunting for your next job. 3 - 45 minute sessions a month and e-mail access.

GRoup Coaching

An 8 week coaching cohort that will cover topics like SEO deliverables, interviewing, salary negotiation, agency vs. in-house vs. freelancing and more.

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