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There is no shortage of SEO tools in the world and it can be overwhelming to decide what to use. This list is not exhaustive of every tool by any means but is a list of tools that I have tried and like or want to encourage others to use. This is a list of both SEO tools I use when I do freelance work and other helpful tools to me as a freelancer as well.  

*I am an affiliate for some of these tools and may receive compensation if you sign up using my link. 


Frase is the all-in-one AI Content tool that helps SEO and Content Teams research, write, and optimize better SEO content, faster. 

Reasons I love Frase:

  • Ease of use - super easy to figure out how use and start generating content briefs

  • Data in the content brief - I love the questions and SERP data that I'm able to pull into the content briefs

  • Cost - I create content briefs for my monthly SEO retainer clients and the cost of the tool makes this super affordable to do


SE Ranking

There isn't a shortage of rank tracking or SEO keyword research tools out there. I use SE Ranking because as a freelancer the cost is perfect for me and the tool does exactly what I need it to do. 

Reasons I love SE Ranking:

  • Easy to setup. Multiple options for adding keywords to track

  • Keyword research and competitive research seems spot on when compared with data from other more expensive tools

  • Customer service is top notch the few times I've had to use them




I've tried a few different tools for invoicing and landed on FreshBooks. It has been the easiest for me to use and manage as a contractor. 

Reasons I love FreshBooks:

  • Very easy to add new clients

  • Ability to create recurring invoices which is really helpful for monthly retainer clients

  • Multiple payment options include Stripe, Credit Card and ACH payments

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